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Yaakov Bruck

Yaacov Bruck – Head Chef

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, after attending his years in Yeshivos internationally, Yaakov met his wife Esty from Manchester and they decided to settle here. Yaacov started his career in Manchester by managing kitchens and writing menus for various local restaurants before being head-hunted by Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester to run and operate the kitchen and bring the bochrim the best food found in any yeshiva world wide.

Yaakov takes pride in the food he prepares for the bochrim, always ensuring they have tasty wholesome meals. The kitchen prepares three hot meals a day with a real focus on healthy eating and always accommodate special dietary restrictions and allergens.

The kitchen always listens to the bochrims’ feedback and develops the menu accordingly.
Yaacov has worked hard to ensured that the the Yeshiva kitchen would be awarded the highest level health and safety certification, and operates with the highest level of kashrus.

Yaakov believes in giving the bochrim a sense of home with his wholesome cooking, and therefore stays away from industrial style cooking that “yeshiva food” is known for. All food is made from scratch in the yeshiva kitchens on the day, using fresh ingredients.

Since working at the yeshiva Yaakov has taken on other contracts that do not interfere with his cooking in the yeshiva, and if you ask anyone in Manchester who is a fan of good food they are sure to know of Yaacov.

“A bocher’s gashmius is ruchnius.” – Unknown