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Rabbi Akiva Cohen

Rabbi Cohen grew up surrounded by Roshei Yeshivas and Mashpiim and having personally been guided by renowned “The Mashpia”. Following years of guiding students in New York and Detroit MI with the Rebbe’s blessing and approval in 1982 Rabbi Cohen moved to Manchester to open Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester.


Rabbi Cohens shiurim highlight the Rebbeim’s chidushim throughout and train the student to think independently and critically analyze the subject for a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.

Rabbi Cohen’s energetic fabrengens, positive outlook, kind and sensitive approach has set the tone at the Yeshiva and is primarily focused on “building the bochur”.


Making bochurim believe in themselves as a cornerstone of Rabbi Cohen’s approach and its impact and success is experienced by all. Rabbi Cohen and his wife have a personal interest in the bochrim and therefore open their house to them 24 hours a day to give them the feel at home comfort whilst away at Yeshiva.  


Many students who have benefitted from Rabbi Cohen’s personal attention and are now Mashpiim, Roshe Yeshivos etc around the globe now send their own sons to YLM to benefit from the life changing guidance and teachings that that they received.

Rabbi Cohen’s unique approach has created life long relationship with students that has him decades latter being consulted by former students as they make key decisions in navigating their own, family and congregants lives.  


Having a close connection to the Rebbe, Rabbi Cohen was from the select few and the only Rosh Yeshiva in the world to receive the ‘4 minim’ YEARLY from the Rebbe as well as many letters, bottles of Mashke etc. as encouragement and brocho for the Yeshiva and his work throughout Manchester,