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Rabbi Moshe Wolberg

Born and raised in Crown Heights Rabbi Wolberg served on the team of Chozrim for the Rebbe’s fabrengens. Before moving to Manchester to assume his position as Magid Shiur and Mashiv, Rabbi Wolberg served as senior Magid shiur / Lecturer at Oholei Torah in NY.


Being one of the greatest scholars and sought after speakers in the Lubavitch world today due to his known knowledge, clarity, insights and explanations on his teachings. Rabbi Wolberg is constantly flown out as guest speaker to Yeshivas around the globe and has featured as the Key speaker in many international events such as the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim Gimmel Tammuz event for Bochurim


Rabbi Wolbergs advice in Chinuch, direction and guidance is often sought out by parents, student and Yeshiva faculties as well as by many of his former students who they themselves serve as Roshei Yeshivas and Mashpiam today.


Rabbi Wolberg is known for his many key features including:

  • Clarity and thoroness approach in gemora and shiurim
  • Personable approach and his 121 learning sessions with students
  • Uplifting and inspirational farbrengens
  • His Sicha classes that give a new life and appreciation to the Rebbe’s sichos and hiskashrus