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Rabbi Berel Korf

Rabbi Korf grew up with his father and grandfather world renowned mashpia Rabbi Pinye Korf who serves on the staff of a few yeshivas and is mashpia to thousands of shluchim and rabbis around the world. Grandfather of  Reb Yehoshua Korf who served as a Mashpia in Tomchei Tmimim for many years, was the author of Biurim BeTanya , he was chosen as one of three Mashpiim for Crown Heights.  


Rabbi Berel Korf learned in Oholei Torah where he excelled in his studies, later on he went on to study in Eretz Yisroel and serve as a shliach where he impacted the lifes of younger bochurim.


After receiving Semicha and studiying in kollel Rabbi Berel Korf came highly recommended to Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester for his analytical understanding of a wide range of subject in niglah and Chassidus and for his personable and grounded approach.


Since joining the Yeshiva Rabbi Korf has become beloved and renowned for his explanations and deep Chasidic concepts that he teaches in a clear and simple manner making them relevant and practical as a user guide and manual for Bochurim in this day and age.


Rabbi Korf also capitalizes on his expertise in Halacha providing practical Halachic curriculum and clear Halacha shiurim throughout the year and wider community in Manchester


Rabbi Korf’s Personal guidance as well as his Shiurim has transformed the lives of many bochurim giving them a passion and direction for personal growth and development. Many bochurim remain in constant contact with Rabbi Korf for years later seeking his clarity and guidance in their lives and shlichus, applying Jewish thought to contemporary life, in a voice that is rooted in the timeless teachings of Torah, yet at the same time profoundly timely, relevant and unique  

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