This application can not be saved and needs to be submitted before you close the page, please have the following documents scanned before starting the application as these will be required to upload on the last page.

Please note a non refundable $250 application fee is required on the final page via Paypal or Credit Card, please have payment details ready.

  1. Copy of birth certificate and passport/s photo page/s

  2. Hamlotzoh filled in by current Rosh Yeshiva – Click here to download

  3. Copy of school reports for current and previous year

  4. A recent photo of your son

The annual tuition including room and board is $18,000 (First month to be paid upon acceptance to guarantee your sons place at YLM)

In addition you will need to pay $180 damage deposit (to be paid with month ones tuition)

If your son would like to use the on site Mikveh the cost is $155 for the year.  (To be paid with month one tuition or on arrival)

Yeshivas Lubavitch of Manchester has a limited number or sponsorships for students, If you would like a scholarship application form please request one at the time of acceptance and no later.

Once we receive your full application and supporting documents the Rosh Yeshiva will review your application and Hamlotzoh as well as speak with references provided where necessary.  You will be notified of our acceptance decision within 4-6 weeks after application is received. Should we require any additional information from you during that period we will contact you directly, please note this may cause delays in the approval time.

If you have any questions or require further information please email us at

Thank you for your application and we look forward to  welcoming your son at YLM in the coming year.

Kind regards.

The Administrations team

Part One - Student Application Form