OUR BOCHURIM - TRAINING OUR LEADERS OF THE NEXT GENERATION As well as the many hours of learning our boys do each day, the Bochurim are also extremely active in any spare time they have interacting with the local community via various outreach projects throughout the  year.

Here are just a few of the activities the Bochurim are involved in.

  • 420 hours volunteered weekly in the Manchester community.
  • 2000 people visited weekly including the elderly, lonely, and vulnerable.
  • 60 one-to-one learning sessions weekly with members of the Manchester community.
  • Providing support and synagogue services to dozens of shuls across the Northwest every week.
  • ‎1500 holiday packages packed and delivered before each PESACH, SHAVUOT, ROSH HASHANNA, CHANUKA and PURIM.
  • 5000 children annually attend ‎programs geared for their age groups – include Lag b’Omer fun day, travelling theatre, rallies and after school programs.
  • Weekly Children’s publication written, published and distributed.
  • 5 “highlight” publications written and published for the Manchester community and distributed throughout the year.
  • Yeshiva Bochurim read Megillah for over 2000 people who attend Megillah services every hour throughout Purim, with another 1000 who called in to the Megillah hotline‎.
  • 14 Shavuot ice cream parties for children arranged and run across Manchester
  • ‎Visitations to all the local hospitals (5) and nursing homes (22) before each festival.
  • Weekly Shabbos ceremonies and visitations at Heathlands Old Age Home.